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Reasons to participate in the 48th DyeChem Sri Lanka Int Expo 2025

7 Reasons to participate in the 48th DyeChem Sri Lanka Int Expo 2025

  1. The garment industry provided 52% of Sri Lanka's total export earnings in recent years, and the final products of the apparel sector are heavily dependent on the dye chemicals sector, making the dyestuff sector one of the key components of the country's chemical industry
  2. The majority of Sri Lanka's textile dye chemical imports come from Singapore, India, and Pakistan; according to current reports, the country ranks third in the world for textile dye chemical imports!
  3. Sri Lanka is largely dependent on imported chemicals and dyes. Compared to its local production, Sri Lanka imports a substantial amount of chemicals and dyestuffs annually, which makes them a major draw for exporting nations
  4. Major investments in Sri Lanka are happening in the textile & garment sector. The dye chemical industry is a key sector that needs continuous upgrading and acquisition of new technology and equipment
  5. The largest and oldest Exhibition of its kind, Dye+Chem Sri Lanka provides Fine & Specialty Chemicals and Dyes to the Sri Lankan industry, and it is surely becoming even more relevant
  6. The 48th Dye+Chem Sri Lanka 2025 is a significant International Exhibition with worldwide Dyestuffs and Fine and Specialty Chemical Manufacturers. It highlights Sri Lanka's complete Textile and Apparel Industry as well as the other significant manufacturing sectors of the nation
  7. Participate in the one-of-a-kind Exhibition. Meet and connect with potential buyers through the Expo
Do not miss your chance to focus on the highly potential Sri Lanka market.

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